Survey the employment needs of graduates

Dear Graduates from 2015-2019


This survey aims to collect information on graduates after one year of university graduation, of all training institutions registered with MOET about their education, training experience, a transition to work, employment, work experience, and future educational and career aspirations.

The information will help MOET and universities stakeholders understand the effectiveness of higher education policies, programmes, and projects; and for formulating effective plans,  improving university programmes and designing labour market strategies. It also gives you a good chance to express your views about the training you have received and jobs after the training and make suggestions.  The information collected will be used for improving the quality of training and employment support for students.

We will publish the tracer report and reach out to relevant stakeholders and authorities. 
The survey is designed to bring together the voices, ideas, feedback and concerns of university graduates. Each one of you has an important responsibility to help improve the higher education sector. You could do this by participating in this tracer survey. Your participation survey is very important.

There are no wrong or right answers. Your answers will be treated with confidentiality. 

You will take about 10 minutes to answer the questions in this questionnaire. Sincerely thank you!


This survey is inspired by the EVENT PROJECT (conducted by Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Hanoi University of Industry, Hue University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Universities The National Economics in collaboration with four European universities (Uppsala University-Sweden, University of Valencia-Spain, University of Grottingen-Netherlands and Royal Swedish Technical Academy).


SD1. Trước hết, hãy cho biết Trường đại học nơi anh/chị nhận bằng cử nhân

SD2. Hãy cho biết ngành anh/chị theo học

SD3. Giới tính

SD4. Hiện tại, anh/chị bao nhiêu tuổi?

SD5. Năm bắt đầu chương trình học


Trong bảng hỏi này, việc làm được định nghĩa là hoạt động tạo thu nhập. Người có việc làm là người thực hiện các hoạt động tạo thu nhập. Định nghĩa này bao gồm cả người tự tạo việc làm, không bao gồm những người làm việc tự nguyện không nhận lương.

SA1. Anh/chị đã có bao nhiêu việc làm từ khi tốt nghiệp?

SA2. Tình trạng công việc hiện tại của anh/chị?